Leakless Group

Products and Patents

Leakless Group is the first manufacturer in the world to use stainless steel for engine cylinder head gaskets. The Leakless Group is able to offer our customers excellent development capability and quality products. Together with integrated manufacturing systems from raw materials to finished products, Leakless Group satisfies customers in an optimal style through our companies established in ten countries worldwide.

The word "leakless" is not found in dictionaries. It means having no leak, that is, we tolerate no leaks. In line with our mission to “create technology and products that have never existed in the world,” the Leakless Group will work with our customers to deliver the products they need.

  • 53 patents in Japan (14 patents of materials and 39 patents of products) 

  • 65 patents overseas (36 patents of materials and 29 patents of products) in 17 countries