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About Us

American Leakless Company, LLC (ALC) was founded in 2009 as the wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Leakless Corporation (NLK).  Located in beautiful Athens, Alabama, ALC utilizes the innovative technology developed and patented by NLK to manufacture high performance sealing solutions for the automotive industry throughout North America.  Our gaskets offer unsurpassed leak prevention and can be found in your vehicle's engines, transmissions, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, and auxiliary equipment. 

Our 80,000 square foot production facility is equipped with uniquely developed process components that allow us to produce and ship more than 1.6 million gaskets per month. In addition to gaskets, we manufacture our own rubber compounds which are then used in our patented rubber-coated steel production.  Our 2 rubber coating lines can produce more than 32 miles of coated material per day!   

Creative.  Innovative.  Reliable.  These words not only describe our products but the 85 employees who make it all happen.  Our employees are dedicated to making quality products and delivering them on-time the first time, every time.

Global Presence


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